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Best Careers for Stay at Home Parents in 2019

Jobs Better 19 December, 2018

If your New Years' resolutions include finding a great job that allows you to still stay home with your kids, then 2019 is going to be your lucky year. Today there are more work at or from home job opportunities than ever before. If you are staying home with children, but still want to make an income, keep reading for some great ideas.


Amazon has really expanded their remote employee opportunities. Amazon offers legitimate, full and part time employment as a regular employer with Amazon complete with steady paycheck and benefits. If that doesn't sound attractive enough, for some positions Amazon will even provide training. The most popular remote employee position right now are customer service representatives.

Drive Service Providers

Although driver services such as Uber are not a work at home opportunity, it definitely fits into the schedule of a stay at home parent. This opportunity provides great flexibility. You decide when you work and how much you work. If spending time with your kids is a priority, then this job opportunity will provide that will very little money or training investment.


Transcription has also been growing in popularity as more and more businesses need to transfer audio recording into text for submission to websites or emails. Transcription work requires little previous skills and some companies will provide training as well. This is a great opportunity for individuals who need to work at home, as it rarely requires the worker to make contact outside the house.

Freelance Writer/Content Writer

As more and more companies begin to rely heavily on their websites as their main marketing tool, the need for quality content writers begins to grow. These individuals help business owners market their goods and services to customers by creating attractive product descriptions, reviews and blog posts. If you have great grammar and writing skills and want to make money from home, then this is a great job for you.

If you are ready to take the plunge into becoming a work at home parent, 2019 promises to be a year of opportunity.